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Job and Career Opportunities

We currently have open positions for CNA and LPN Charge Nurses. If you wish to submit a resume please email us.

The health care field, which includes long-term care and short-term rehabilitation services offers a wide array of opportunities for job and career seekers. One of the largest segments of the population is moving toward the years when age-related sicknesses become a reality affecting independence, mobility, personal care issues, physical and emotional welfare. Not all, but a significant number of those affected will need to spend some time in a short-term rehabilitation or long-term care setting.

Perhaps in the past, health care providers, especially nurses, may not have considered job and career options that dealt primarily with the elderly and their medical issues, Westbury Medical Care and Rehab offers an attractive option for job seekers. Westbury employees work in a family owned and operated health care environment where corporate-centered priorities are secondary to a personal, family-like atmosphere. Thirty percent of Westbury’s employees have been with the team for ten years or longer with eleven of those having tenures of more than twenty-five years.

Westbury Medical Care and Rehab has worked hard to equip the facility with the essential tools and resources needed by staff to provide the best care services. Westbury is one of the few health care facilities in the state whose patient records are totally electronic with real-time charting by all interdisciplinary staff at every level.

Whether a new graduate from nursing school or a veteran looking for a meaningful place to continue a career, a certified nursing assistant, laundry processor, housekeeper, or dietary member, check out the current postings for an opportunity to become part of our family.

922 McDonough Road, Jackson, GA 30233

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