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Rev. and Mrs. S.J. Westbury
Rev. & Mrs. S. J. Westbury,
Founders (1959).

The Westbury Mission and Philosophy

Westbury Medical Care and Rehab is a 196 bed skilled nursing and rehab facility located in Jackson, Georgia dedicated to providing a full range of the highest quality resident-centered care and services. It was founded in 1959 by Rev. S. J. and Dorothy Westbury and has been family owned and operated for over 50 years.

The first resident admitted to the home in 1959 was born in 1887. He was admitted by the home’s founder, Rev. S. J. Westbury. For over 50 years the working community of Westbury has served and cared for those who lived and live here—lives spent building the nation we live in and cherish. Westbury’s residents were farmers, plant and factory workers, textile workers, construction workers, railroad builders, teachers, and homemakers who filled homes with love for every member. They served the nation in the armed services and in wars to win, protect, and preserve the freedom we enjoy. They embraced the qualities of duty and discipline imbedded in our American heritage. The residents at Westbury Medical Care and Rehab make it a rich community.

With an understanding of the importance of delivering care to those who need it within the context of community and a secure, supportive environment, Westbury Medical Care and Rehab of Jackson strives to preserve and nurture relationships and connections with residents’ families, friends, and the encouraging environments within the community. Whether its residents need short rehab or long term nursing care, Westbury is committed to promoting and preserving individual dignity, respect, independence, privacy, choice, and eternal significance.

922 McDonough Road, Jackson, GA 30233

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