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Long Term Care

Emphasis on Personhood

A Nurse and Resident Hugging

When an illness or injury strikes a person who is already affected by age-related issues, the family members most responsible for caring for that loved one might find themselves ill-equipped or unprepared to deal with the unexpected demands. The challenge of attending to the aging loved one’s daily needs might be overwhelming. Family members can exhaust themselves and their resources to provide for the most basic of care issues. If one has to spend all his or her time feeding, washing, and assisting a loved one at the expense of one’s own self-care and interests, it can put strains on the ability to enjoy a satisfying relationship with the person requiring the care because there is little left for the important tasks of maintaining a loving and fulfilling relationship with an aging family member. A long term care setting offers the possibility for the delegation of the “fundamental” and daily care giving roles to the nursing home staff so that there is energy for quality time meaningfully spent to attend the emotional, psychological, and relational needs of their loved ones.

A Community within a Community

A Nurse and Resident Hugging

Westbury Medical Care and Rehab of Jackson serves residents and families of the communities of Jackson, Butts County, and, more widely, Central Georgia. However, Westbury is a community itself. It is a place where 196 people live and where over 200 people work. The “working” community of Westbury is comprised of attending physicians, administrators, department heads, registered and licensed nurses, professional technicians, social services and activities personnel, certified nursing assistants, maintenance, laundry, housekeeping, and food service employees.

The “living” community of Westbury is made up of its residents, family members, visitors, and guests. In total, hundreds of people live and work together to address and meet the needs of those who are dealing with the result of age complicated by sickness, disease, physical disabilities and incapacitation. While vital professional care is rendered every day to meet tremendous needs, Westbury feels like a community; it feels like a family; it feels like a place where people care for one another.

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