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Private Room

Private Room

Westbury Medical Care and Rehab features a total of twenty-two private rooms with ten of those rooms dedicated to short-term rehabilitation. At Westbury we understand that individuals who come to the facility with a strong rehabilitation agenda appreciate accommodations that allow them to focus on their recovery so that they can return to home as quickly as possible. Westbury’s private rooms offer comfort and privacy, from the flat-screen televisions on the wall to the tasteful décor. However, we also know that the short-term rehabilitation patient views our facility as a transition between the hospital and the comforts of home and that aggressive individualized therapy treatment is the business at hand. Our private rooms provide all the amenities necessary so that, along with appropriate therapy, the rehab patient can return to the highest level of functioning.

The twelve private rooms in our long-term area of the facility serve as a blank canvas inviting residents to style each room with the personal furnishings, framed art and photos, personal items, and other memorabilia to make the room a particular statement of individual distinction. Age-related infirmities and the twenty-four hour a day care they require need not rob our residents from enjoying the life-long memorable environs that promote continued enjoyment of life.

922 McDonough Road, Jackson, GA 30233

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