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Outdoor Social and Recreational Areas

Flamingo decorations in the yard

Westbury Health and Rehab is blessed to feature spacious, well-maintained, protected, outdoor areas for residents, families, guests, and staff to enjoy. The two primary areas for outdoor enjoyment are the Jim Westbury Courtyard and the Dorothy Westbury Pavilion area.

The Jim Westbury Courtyard is a well-protected yard of roses, crepe myrtles, lantanas, rosemary shrubs, irises, Japanese magnolia, Spirea, tea hollies, and camellia planted along a meandering walkway. It is an inviting place for residents to enjoy sitting, snacking, and visiting outside under the shade of oak and maple trees.

The Dorothy Westbury Pavilion is another favorite out-of-doors spot for residents, families, guests, and staff of Westbury. It features a wide-open columned pavilion with ceiling fans surrounded by flowers and shrubs. It is furnished with old-fashioned cane-back rockers, wicker sofas and chairs, and a picnic table and benches. The Parthenon-like structure is surrounded by a spacious yard and Quonset cherries. The pavilion area even houses the original school bell from the old Jenkinsburg School building where Westbury Health and Rehab first began in 1959.

The Dorothy Westbury Pavilion

The Jim Westbury Courtyard

Outdoor Bench

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