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Volunteer Opportunities

Westbury Medical Care and Rehab offers a number of opportunities for individuals and groups from the surrounding community to become a meaningful part of the Westbury family of care givers. Embodied in the mission and philosophy is the importance of a supportive environment of connectedness made up of family, friends, visitors, and volunteers who, together with our own caregivers, provide an atmosphere of dignity, respect, independence, privacy, choice and eternal significance.

At Westbury we welcome the social stimulation that is elicited from volunteers who sing and play instruments, lead groups, bring gifts, assist in activities’ programs such as weekly BINGO or seasonal occasions and celebrations, lead ministry programs and services, entertain, and participate in other meaningful functions. Often, residents are best served with just a casual and rambling conversation on a sofa where emotional support is realized just by interacting with another human being on a one to one level.

Our current volunteers testify that making themselves available as volunteers benefits them with an improved sense of self-worth gained with the giving of time, energy, and attention to others, especially to those who are impacted with age-related issues. To test the volunteer waters please contact our Director of Activities, Brock Staples, CTRS at (770)775-7832 or

922 McDonough Road, Jackson, GA 30233

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